Keeping Your Food Processing Plant Sanitary and Safe

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The food processing industry is a mature sector which is experiencing a turbulent time due to the growing number and magnitude of food recalls each year. This has resulted in increased global demands for food safety and increasing consumer demand for higher quality and sustainability. There are three constants in food processing, pharmaceutical and wash-down applications: Safety and Regulatory Compliances, Easy-to-Clean/Sanitation/Clean-in-Place (CIP), and Corrosion. 

Food processing plants continuously battle the effects of corrosion on equipment and throughout food processing operations.  

During this ProFood World webinar, sponsored by Atkore-Calbrite, you will learn how to eliminate the risk of costly plant shutdowns and system failures due to improper selection and installation of electrical conduit systems.


Aaron Hand
Aaron Hand
Editor in Chief
ProFood World

Matt Westerfield
Matt Westerfield
Product Manager

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