Preparing Your Facility: Strategies for Preventing Cold-Weather Related Pest Risks

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As the weather gets cooler, pests looking for shelter can pose a threat to food safety programs as they become more active! By taking proactive measures to prevent unwanted pests, you can effectively protect the integrity and quality of your products through proactive pest prevention measures. 

 In this webinar, IFC explores steps you can take today to prepare your facility from pests, rodents, and more during transitions to the cooler weather. 

You will discover:

  • Effective pest management methods and strategies IFC recommends to prevent pests from entering your facility
  • Using trending data to help predict future risks 

Join our IFC experts to learn how a proactive preparedness plan for cooler-weather pests can protect your facility and give you peace of mind going into higher pressures from rodents and other pests. You’ll learn proactive integrated pest management strategies that will support your food safety program. 

This webinar aims to help food processing facilities prepare for colder months by teaching effective pest prevention and control measures, including sealing gaps and door seals, adopting proactive pest management techniques, and maintaining an audit-ready program. 

Learn essential steps to protect your food processing facility from pests during cooler season transitions, ensure a pest free environment, and maintain an audit-ready program with IFC's expert guidance.


Dani Dryer
Dani Dryer
Technical Services Manager

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Aaron Hand
Editor in Chief
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Steve Romero
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